Come out to our charity bike ride this week! Look for the big sign courtesy of Speed Pro Calgary!

Calgary is known for its tourist spots which centers around the Bow River and the ever-popular Canada Rocky Mountains. A ton of visitors go to this city to see the best sights and sounds of the city which helps the communities as well.

A low-key activity in Calgary that doesn’t get as much attention as the tourist spots are the charity work being done. Among the top charity organizations in Canada, four of the most effective have their main office located in Calgary.

These charities have well-managed programs, do meaningful charity work, and play a big role in their communities. The activities they do include community-building, charity bike rides, women’s entrepreneurship, and others. has been following in the footsteps Children’s Cottage Society and now their organizing a charity bike ride for kids. It is for the communities they help which involve hundreds of kids in Calgary who are in an unfortunate situation.

The charity bike ride will include miles of bike rides which cover a lot of tourist spots in the state of Alberta including many of the popular spots in Calgary. Riders will get to see the best spots in the city to explore and soak it in while giving to charity.

There are races that aside from fundraising activities through the registration will also include lodging and food during the race. It is just like travelling around Canada without the difficulty of planning everything out.

Charity bike rides are popular especially in this time of heightened awareness for health and wellness. Many are trying to engage in a healthy lifestyle nowadays which makes charity bike rides an attractive prospect to do on the regular.

Many people join for personal health reasons where they can help their body when they do physical activity. For arthritis patients, a charity bike ride is a viable option because riding a bike is a low impact exercise that still helps keep their joints healthy as opposed to running on concrete.

It is not a hard thing to do for people since most know how to ride a bike and there are thousands of households who have multiple bikes in their homes. Riding a bike is one of the first things kids are eager to learn when they’re young. This makes it an excellent bonding time with the kids if you’re a parent because it gets them excited when they learn something new.

Many organizations have come together to help in the event organized by Bikers organizations from all over the state of Alberta have expressed their interest in joining their races. Riders young and old will be able to participate in the event which will help the cause.

Speed Pro Calgary has agreed to make the signs for the charity event which will feature large signs at the venue. There will also be signage in and around the venue for marketing and sponsorships. It will be a highly promoted event which is perfect because people will get to contribute to the health and improvement of the situation of the kids in in


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