Come out to our charity bike ride this week! Look for the big sign courtesy of Speed Pro Calgary!

Calgary is known for its tourist spots which centers around the Bow River and the ever-popular Canada Rocky Mountains. A ton of visitors go to this city to see the best sights and sounds of the city which helps the communities as well.

A low-key activity in Calgary that doesn’t get as much attention as the tourist spots are the charity work being done. Among the top charity organizations in Canada, four of the most effective have their main office located in Calgary.

These charities have well-managed programs, do meaningful charity work, and play a big role in their communities. The activities they do include community-building, charity bike rides, women’s entrepreneurship, and others. has been following in the footsteps Children’s Cottage Society and now their organizing a charity bike ride for kids. It is for the communities they help which involve hundreds of kids in Calgary who are in an unfortunate situation.

The charity bike ride will include miles of bike rides which cover a lot of tourist spots in the state of Alberta including many of the popular spots in Calgary. Riders will get to see the best spots in the city to explore and soak it in while giving to charity.

There are races that aside from fundraising activities through the registration will also include lodging and food during the race. It is just like travelling around Canada without the difficulty of planning everything out.

Charity bike rides are popular especially in this time of heightened awareness for health and wellness. Many are trying to engage in a healthy lifestyle nowadays which makes charity bike rides an attractive prospect to do on the regular.

Many people join for personal health reasons where they can help their body when they do physical activity. For arthritis patients, a charity bike ride is a viable option because riding a bike is a low impact exercise that still helps keep their joints healthy as opposed to running on concrete.

It is not a hard thing to do for people since most know how to ride a bike and there are thousands of households who have multiple bikes in their homes. Riding a bike is one of the first things kids are eager to learn when they’re young. This makes it an excellent bonding time with the kids if you’re a parent because it gets them excited when they learn something new.

Many organizations have come together to help in the event organized by Bikers organizations from all over the state of Alberta have expressed their interest in joining their races. Riders young and old will be able to participate in the event which will help the cause.

Speed Pro Calgary has agreed to make the signs for the charity event which will feature large signs at the venue. There will also be signage in and around the venue for marketing and sponsorships. It will be a highly promoted event which is perfect because people will get to contribute to the health and improvement of the situation of the kids in in


Great Car Seats for Bikes

Nothing can be more rewarding than riding with your toddler but before you set out, baby safety must me a paramount concern. Choosing the best convertible car seat can be daunting considering the myriad of choices out there. But we compiled some of the things that you have to consider in order to make your choice an easier one.

  1. SafetyBaby safety as already mentioned should be your paramount consideration when choosing a convertible car seat. Find one that offers good back support while at the same time ensuring that your baby does not fall off the front of the bike. On top of this, the seat must offer comfort for the baby for the entire length of the ride.
  2. The type of bikeOne of the biggest frustrations for parents is that the seat that they bought for their bike does not mount well on it. When buying a seat, you have to ensure that it mounts properly with the bike that you already have. If you don’t have a bike yet, it’s better to buy a bike that is designed for carrying a baby with it.
  3. Rear mount or front mountThis is more of a personal choice since both have merits and disadvantages in terms of safety. That being said, front mount should only be used as long as the baby does not block your vision. When the child begins to grow to the point of blocking your line of view, you have to shift to rear mount. This brings us to the next point.
  4. The size of the childIf your baby is under nine months or over the age of three, you should not use front mounted seats. In addition, if your child does not like to wear a helmet, you should not allow him or her to ride a bike.
  5. Baby’s handle barsA happy child makes for a happy ride. Parents have experienced that when a child has his or her own handle bar, he or she enjoys the ride more. It will give the feeling of being able to drive and in control of the ride. The child will enjoy the ride more when there is a feeling of being more involved.
  6. Adjustable foot straps and buckling systemFor added stability, there has to be an adjustable foot strap and buckling system in your bike seat. This will ensure that the baby is free to move around without falling off. Adjust this system according to the size of your child. Make sure that your child stays comfortable even when strapped to the bike seat.

These are some of the considerations when buying a convertible bike seat. While there are literally hundreds of brands out there, having these generic tips will ensure that you will land on a good one for your child. With these tips in mind, you can now head on and make your own research and read reviews for more information and make a wise choice.

Kids Bike Ride

Excitement starts here:-

For learning a bike ride is just the best way with which you can get the best and a maximum of happiness. There are a lot of things that the kids would love to learn. Among them the most significant ones are the kid’s bike ride. This is one of the most exciting and fun filled process for kids to learn with fun. The most significant is the learning style that would get you with a maximum of happiness on your kids face and a miraculous satisfaction on yours.

Factors before bike riding:-

To that you must consider some of the important factors which would get you perfection in riding the kid’s bike. It’s because maximum time it is seen that kids get imbalance and fall down from their bikes. But for that reason we need to maintain a lot of instructions and follow them up for a better ride of our kids. The most important of all is the provision of the size of the kid’s bike. Looking to that it is always preferable that you carry the simple and short bike for the kids to ride. This would get them through an easy learning process and would get that to you in the most comfortable manner. And more over there are less chance for the kids to fall down. Before you take the ride into consideration it is important that you consider the kids safety first. You need to concentrate maximum on their safety to carry on the learning process with them. The child must learn cycling or bike riding with the saddle or there must be rammed between the seats. This would let the kids learn the bike riding fast and easy without the fear f falling down. The second most important fact with the kids is they must have something like a cap or helmet over their head to stay protected.

Choosing perfect place for bike ride:-

They are not old or elder kids to get the perfect balance immediately or can have a proper choice of practice by themselves. It’s necessary that you give them the proper idea of where to go for the practice and how to concentrate with balancing the bike. Apart from that it is necessary that you check out the important features of the bike whose default might cause you the chance of accident in the later stage. You should consider perfect attire with gloves, elbow and shin guards as well as knee pads which would let them with the safest learning and even with the safest driving. To get the perfect bike riding training you must select a perfect traffic free area. This would get you with the safest place to ride the bike easily and safely. Here the kids can get the most comfortable and steady form of ride without any tension to get dashed with someone. You can even help them learn bike riding in the parks, open fields and the nearby colony roads.


Before all do check out if the bike tyres are all up to date and are not going to burst while driving. So that the kids can enjoy the bike riding in the best possible manner.